The list of 2019 visualization lists

December 23, 2019

A classic by now: the the list of yearly visualisation lists. So here is my list of visualizations, charts, graphics, maps, satellite journalism and science photography lists, version 2019.

Lists of favourites

@FlowingData: Best Data Visualization Projects of 2019

@grafiti_io: Rounding up our favorite charts of 2019

@vismeApp: Best Data Visualizations of 2019


@SCMPgraphics: 2019 the year Hong Kong dominated the headlines

@FiveThirtyEight: The 56 Best — And Weirdest — Charts We Made In 2019

@nytgraphics: 2019: The Year in Visual Stories and Graphics



@ZeitOnline: Das Jahr in Grafiken, Karten und Illustrationen

@ftdata: Ten charts that tell the story of 2019

@EconDailyCharts: A year in Graphic detail (pdf, 49 MB)

@WSJGraphics: The Year in Graphics: 2019

@BBGVisualData: The Year in Graphics

@Irene de la Torre (BBC News): 2019 has been a busy year

@AtloTeam: Az Átlátszó adatvizualizációi 2019-ben

@tijdgraphics: Het jaar in interactieve datajournalistiek

@datagraphics: Our best data journalism of 2019

@VisualCap: Our Top Infographics of 2019

@nytclimate: The biggest climate stories you might have missed — but still have time to read.

@FactTank: Our favorite Pew Research Center data visualizations of 2019

In review

@datastories: Datastories Year in Review 19

@Elijah_Meeks: 2019 Was the Year Data Visualization Hit the Mainstream


@cartonerd: Favourite maps from 2019

@mapbox: 19 amazing maps from 2019

@OrdnanceSurvey: The GeoDataViz team’s favourite maps of 2019


@infobeautyaward: Information is Beautiful Awards 2019: The Winners

@Malofiej: Malofiej Awards List

@SND: Pieces that wowed judges last year

Remote sensing

@maxar: A Decade of Change on Earth Captured From Space, 2010 – 2019

@blkahn: The Satellite Images That Show a Decade of Climate Change

@NASAEarth: Best of 2019


@WaPoDesign: 2019: A portfolio of illustrations